Laser Vein Removal

The Cutera xeo device offers treatment for spider veins and other vascular lesions. Spider veins develop near the surface of the skin due to poor circulation often caused by aging. Once present, they can quickly become darker and more noticeable. Using pulses of light-based energy, the Cutera xeo device heats the targeted veins and causes them to collapse. The treated veins are then gradually absorbed by the body while nearby blood is safely circulated to healthier veins located out of sight.

No anesthesia is typically needed during laser vein removal procedures, although topical numbing cream can be used upon the patient’s request. Redness and bruising are common side effects. Laser vein removal does not require any downtime and patients are able to resume all normal activities as desired. The treated veins are gone for good, creating long-lasting and satisfying results.

The FDA-approved Cutera xeo device offers an incredible amount of versatility in cosmetic treatments. Using laser and light-based technology, xeo allows for completely customizable treatment for a wide variety of skin-related concerns and more. At Time 4 U Med Spa, board-certified Dr. Lisa Gulcher proudly utilizes the Cutera xeo device to deliver personalized and effective treatment for her patients. If you are struggling with unwanted body hair, unsightly spider veins or premature signs of aging, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gulcher to learn more about the wide variety of noninvasive treatment options powered by the Cutera xeo device.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis treatments target a variety of skin-related concerns for youthfully vibrant results. During a Laser Genesis treatment, the non-ablative laser of the Cutera xeo device targets and kills bacteria on both the surface of the skin and below the epidermis, helping prevent acne breakouts. The targeted heating also increases collagen and elastin production, resulting in tighter, more radiant skin that improves over time.

Most patients benefit from a series of about four to six Laser Genesis treatments for optimal results. Treatment can be directed on the face, neck and upper chest to target skin redness, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and scarring. No downtime is necessary following a Laser Genesis treatment. Results are long-lasting and follow-up appointments can help maintain the improvements well into the future.

Limelight Photofacial

Limelight Photofacials are a type of cosmetic treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to counteract sun damage and rejuvenate the skin. Limelight Photofacial treatments can reduce and eliminate sun spots, diffuse redness, rosacea and uneven skin tone. Candidates for Limelight treatments are patients with lighter skin tones who have accumulated visible sun damage.

During treatment, light energy is directed onto the skin, penetrating deep beneath the surface to promote healthier skin from within. Limelight Photofacials increase collagen production for long-lasting and gradual results that improve over the course of several months. No downtime is necessary following treatment and side effects are typically very mild. About three to six treatments are recommended for the average patient.

ProWave Laser Hair Removal

ProWave laser hair removal treatments can be used to target unwanted hair throughout the body. A topical anesthetic may be applied to sensitive areas at the start of treatment, although most patients find the procedure to be relatively comfortable on its own. The handheld device is passed over the skin, emitting light energy to the hair to damage the follicles and prevent hair regrowth. Results are long-lasting and more thorough than traditional hair removal treatments like electrolysis.

Patients of most skin types make excellent candidates for ProWave treatments. The average patient experiences optimal results from a series of six to eight treatments scheduled at regular intervals. Upon completion of a personalized treatment plan, the targeted hair is gone for good.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Treatment at Time 4 U Med Spa

With the Cutera xeo device, Dr. Lisa Gulcher and her staff at Time 4 U Med Spa can help you look your best. Whether you are frustrated by body hair, skin blemishes, wrinkles or spider veins, the Cutera xeo device has a treatment for you. Call us today to schedule an in-person consultation today and learn more.

*The information about Cutera xeo was reviewed by Dr. Lisa Gulcher. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.