TriBella is the name for a total facial rejuvenation treatment by the Venus Versa system that combines three distinct and highly-effective rejuvenating therapies into one session. While each of these technologies can be performed as standalone treatments, the combination allows for exceptional aesthetic outcomes without the need for invasive procedures or downtime. In just one appointment, you will receive a photofacial treatment, a skin tightening treatment and a nano-fractional resurfacing treatment for complete skin renewal. TriBella simultaneously enhances your skin’s tone, firmness and texture for a smoother, younger and healthy-looking complexion.

How Does TriBella Work?

With the Venus Versa Tribella treatment at Time 4 U Med Spa, our patients will receive the following skin treatment modalities during their appointment:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

The TriBella IPL treatment or photofacial uses precise flashes of intense pulsed light to restore the appearance of uneven skin tone and discoloration from sun damage. The light works to target the pigment inside visible blood vessels or dark pigmented spots on the complexion. The results are glowing and healthier-looking skin.

Venus Freeze

The Venus Freeze treatment works to gently tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and enhance your natural contours. The Venus Freeze uses two different technologies. Multipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy is used to heat the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate new collagen production for tighter and more youthful skin. Pulsed electromagnetic energy works to enhance the effects of RF energy to reduce laxity and fine lines and wrinkles.

Venus Viva

The Venus Viva treatment is designed to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and brighten your overall complexion. Venus Viva uses safe and gentle RF energy to heat the underlying dermal layers of the skin, allowing for quicker and more noticeable improvements to the skin’s surface over time. RF energy is safe for all skin types and works to renew collagen production and cell regeneration for smoother and firmer skin. While you may observe improvements to your complexion within a few days, the most optimal results will be apparent after a few months when collagen remodeling has restored the skin’s appearance.

Who is a Candidate for TriBella?

The Venus Versa TriBella treatment is performed to treat various skin concerns and blemishes with outstanding outcomes. All technologies are safe for both men and women of all skin types and tones. During your initial consultation, Dr. Gulcher will carefully assess your skin as well as your aesthetic concerns and goals to determine whether TriBella is right for you. TriBella may be an ideal solution for you if you wish to correct any of the following imperfections:

  • Reduce visible pores
  • Balance textural irregularities
  • Reduce acne scarring
  • Restore and firm skin tone
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten skin on the face, neck or chest
  • Soften visible signs of aging
  • Correct sun damage
  • Produce brighter and healthier skin
  • Reduce cellulite and stretch marks

How Many TriBella Treatments Will I Need?

The specific number of treatments needed to achieve optimal results will vary from patient to patient, depending on their concerns. However, we typically recommend a series of four TriBella treatments with the Venus Versa to ensure you get the results you expect. Treatment sessions are typically spaced four weeks apart to allow your skin to heal before your next appointment. After this initial TriBella treatment course is complete, we recommend scheduling a maintenance appointment about every three to six months to ensure you continue benefiting from your results indefinitely.

Is There Any Downtime Necessary After TriBella?

As a non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedure, there is little, if any, downtime needed after your TriBella appointment. Patients may, however, wish to schedule three to five days of social downtime as treated skin may appear mildly red, tender or swollen for the first few days. It is also essential that you protect your treated areas from harmful UV rays since the skin will be especially vulnerable to sun damage during those first few days. Our providers will ensure you receive detailed aftercare instructions to help you maintain your results as long as possible.

What to Expect From Your TriBella Results

TriBella treatments offer fast and long-lasting results that continue to improve in appearance over time. After completing the series of TriBella, most of our patients can expect to see their best results about three months after their final session. The treated skin will be noticeably smoother, firmer, more youthful and radiant and can last for months before you will need a touch-up session.tribella before and after